The competition will consist of 5 categories, with 6 finalists in each category.


Russian or otherwise, with a focus on technical elements

Show us effortless pointework and refined, stylised movement, play with creative transitions, tease us with deceptively tricky flows


Think pole classique, Aussie style, or burlesque inspired 

Showgirl is sexy and entertaining, a perfect blend of tricks, flexibility and show, an exhibition of beautiful shapes and tantalising theatre


Basework only
This is all about fluid dance and transitions around the bottom third of the pole. Style can be of your choice but only basework is allowed; competitors cannot do anything higher up the pole than they would reach for a chair spin


Super sexy stripper style, OG pole, club vibes

Taking inspiration from the OGs of our community, bring some nostalgia to the stage and show us your Old School flow. Showcase your sexuality, engage with your audience, make us feel something!


For those who want to perform but not compete

Not keen on competing but love to perform? Showcase allows you to dance the way you want to. There are no winners in this category, but judges will still give you constructive feedback

Please ensure you have read through the Video Entries and Rules and Regulations documents before submitting your entry