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The competition will consist of 5 categories, with 6 finalists in each category.

Hypnotic flow

A focus on technical elements combined with flowy choreography. Tease us with confident, creative transitions and silky sequences. 


Musicality and footwork are key here, we’re looking for seamless, smooth flow, where one move melts into the next. Keep us transfixed with your effortless fluidity.


Pole classique, Aussie style, or burlesque inspired. Think big, bold, beautiful shapes and tantalising theatre. 


This category is all about the spectacular – take us on a journey, entertain us, wow us with your show. We’re looking for big, dynamic performances, own the stage.

old school

Super sexy, OG pole, club vibes. This category takes educated inspiration from stripper style - showcase your sexuality and engage with your audience. 


Tempt us, tease us, make us feel something! We’re looking for seduction – get us hot under the collar and leave us begging for more.


This is for all you floor dwellers, low pole dancers and bottom third tricksters. You can dance in any style but only low flow is allowed; dancers cannot do anything higher up the pole than they would reach for a spin. 


Just want to focus on performing? This category is for you. You can dance in any style, no particular theme needed. Performers will be picked at random – take a chance to grace the stage, without the pressure of competing.


Feedback will be given but you won’t be scored.

Entries will open later this year. 


Please note all dates are subject to change


  • We will allow space for entrants and finalists to inform us of any information regarding disability, neurodivergence or anything else they would like the judges to take into account while watching their performance

  • While some categories may benefit from performers engaging with the audience, our judging criteria don't include specific requests for audience engagement or eye contact

  • Any changes to the stated timing or running of the show will be clearly communicated to all performers

  • We will allow performers to choose whether they would like a "relaxed performance" where music levels may be lower, lighting may be raised, audience make little or no noise

  • We have a quiet space next to the stage which allows performers a few minutes to themselves before their performance. Only one performer will be in the space at a time

  • Warnings will be given ahead of any performance containing content or sounds that may cause distress. 

We are always open to feedback on how we can improve Eden and create a more inclusive space, please use the feedback form or email us at

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