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creatures of xix

Creatures of XIX is a brand setting a new standard of fashion created for movement. The feels you get from dancing and moving, should be matched and elevated by your outfit and that is the mission of Creatures of XIX. From teeny little pole sets to sports bras and gecko grip pole-wear to loungewear and streetwear, they have something for you for the couch, for the commute, and for classes. Life is too short for boring polewear, and this brand is all about making a statement -  iconic pieces so you feel unstoppable.

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FILTHY friday

Filthy Friday is a middle finger up to the people who don’t believe you can be sexy at any size, any age, any sexuality, race, religion, ability or gender. Because we believe sexy is a feeling. Filthy Friday began as a simple Instagram hashtag and is now a worldwide movement within the poledance community. Filthy Friday explores and showcases not only the various styles of Exotic pole dance but also the different types of people who enjoy the 'Filthier' side to pole. 


Each showcase is created to provide a diverse and inclusive safe space for dancers from all backgrounds to come and f**k it up! 

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hoodlum fang

Hoodlum Fang is a polewear and active wear brand for badass babes.


Drenched in original prints, featuring innovate and practical designs that not only look stunning but are also super comfy, as we know comfort is of the utmost of importance while you work it.


We cater for a wide range of sizes and also offer custom fit. No matter what your sport is, we got you. 

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The Poledancerka brand produces dance apparel that can be used for all kinds of dynamic activity or daily movement, such as dancing, swimming, jogging, and yoga…


The inventors of Poledancerka are always creating new collections of bodysuits, leggings, tops, shorts… But the hallmark of the brand is the most famous and sexy knee pads currently available on the market.

We want you to feel comfortable, confident and inspired – and freely express who you are.

Poledancerka is the answer to the needs of the new woman, who loves her dynamic style, but who is also feminine, self-confident, loves beauty and whose priority is quality over quantity. Poledancerka is a brand that expresses elegance and boldness, dynamism and difference. It doesn’t bow to the rules, but paves the way for the unknown – focusing on sensuality and freedom.

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Sway polewear

Exclusive dance wear, handcrafted in Poland for every woman who wants to share how strong and empowering they can be. Bringing you pole wear that is fit from studio to stage, from sporty to sultry siren. With unique, pin up inspired designs, you can be the ultimate showgirl with Sway. 


We pursuit to find perfect balance between producing good quality polewear which is fashionable and staying true to our beliefs and moral standards. We keep the process clean, transparent and simple. By limiting our stock to minimal numbers and sustainable manufacturing practices we are able to focus on each part of the production process all the way to your pole drawer!

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dancing dust

Dancing dust is a biodegradable vegan product for the glitter enthusiast. Offering a glitter coverage for performers, exotic dancers, competing athletes, the perfect accessory for day events; festivals, beach, pool parties and as the perfect highlighter for all makeup lovers.

Our products come in a glitter powder form with pole grip incorporated. A pole grip body spray with glitter & coming soon is our antiperspirant pole grip for hands and body. Yes!! Of course it also has sparkles.

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flying amazons

Flying Amazons supports strong, dynamic movement without compromise on fashion and quality. Designed in London and made in Europe with European fabrics we support sustainable and eco practices as much as possible.

We hope that you will not shy away from wearing our clothing range outside the gym or studio. We want to encourage you to show your body and not hide it. Be proud of it. Our job is to bring out the heroine within you.



PoleGrip™️ was created in 2018 and is leading the way for safety, effectiveness and durability.
Manufactured to laboratory standards it is allergen free and certified to EU standards.

BodyGrip was created soon after for non slip power especially for dryer skin and colder months. Our clear formula is allergen free without scent or colour to keep it environmentally friendly and allergen friendly.

We sell worldwide with 1000’s of happy customers, and studio packs give studios the ability to cost effectively supply to their students with big discounts and free gifts!

All products are vegan friendly 🌱

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We founded nuud activewear with a mission to create pole dance and yoga wear that truly matter.
We love dancing, yoga, and any kind of movement really, that makes you happy. We create clothes that allow you to move freely and make you feel empowered & beautiful.
We are a slow fashion brand, meaning that we’re not following the traditional fast fashion calendar. We create small collections and launch them when we believe that they are ready, regardless of the 'season'.

Our goal is to create circular clothes - ensuring that all of our processes from design to the product end-of-life are as ethical & environmentally friendly as possible. And most importantly, we aim to keep any of our products from ending up in landfill.

We are committed to finding usage to all of our production waste, and we provide an end of life solution to our products - once they are worn out, we'll take them back for repair or redesign into new products.


Pole Junkie

At you’ll find all the latest brands from every corner of the globe at your fingertips. We want you to find pole kit that makes you feel like a queen, with confidence as sky high as your new stilettos.
Not only do we have our original HQ in the UK shipping worldwide, we also have our new warehouse in the Netherlands shipping customs free within the EU.
Team Pole Junkie are here for you every step of your pole journey. So wear your worth and spread the #polejunkielove. You deserve it.


Reign Of Sovereignty

REIGN OF SOVEREIGNTY is the Luxury Harness Wear Brand created by Designer and Maker @zoe.atiko. The ready to wear collection is available to buy online and includes some unique one off pieces. Zoë also offers a made to order service for customers by appointment. Reign of Sovereignty creates pieces for Fashion, Costume and Performance, Pole Dance and Bridal.
The Brand was birthed within the club scene of Berlin worn by dancers and Performance artists within and beyond the Fetish & Burlesque scene. REIGN'S provocative vision nods to fetish culture but seeks to dissolve the boundaries between insider and outsider, devoted to inclusion.
REIGN celebrates both fashion and the self as a site of bold fluid expression through continual reinvention giving power to the uncompromising enjoyment of one's own body and sexuality, without judgment or categorisation.
At its core lies the values of embodied triumphant self empowerment; the body conceived as a sovereign authority of pleasure and self knowledge, an acknowledgement of beauty and erotica - undefined by culture, association or trend. A self-governing state.
Zoë created REIGN OF SOVEREIGNTY to celebrate her own journey thus far.



We believe that moving your body should make you feel good, and we stock clothes that make this possible. Whether your passions lie with pole, aerial, contortion, in the studio or on the stage, our clothes and accessories are hand-picked to help you bend, breathe and feel beautiful. As a small, female-founded business, we believe in creating a community of women who are strong mentally and physically, and who use that strength to support and empower each other. For now, we’re stocking a mixture of brands, some well known and some smaller brands, all of which we love and we hope you’ll love too. So, let us help you find that perfect piece to climb a pole, nail that pose, get that stretch just right. And remember to breathe...

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